Capital Circle NW/SW

Capital Circle NW/SW is part of the successful Blueprint 2000 project in Leon County, Florida. Blueprint 2000 is an intergovernmental agency whose vision on it’s website is stated as to “Preserve, protect, and enhance the community’s quality of life through the implementation of holistic and coordinated planning, transportation, water quality, environmental and green space projects consistent with the Blueprint 2000 philosophy.” Capital Circle NW/SW is a 6- mile long 300 foot wide right-of-way, roadway improvement project. 3DS produced a three-dimensional survey for the entire length of the project for the design engineer. This project was a $1 million survey project completed by a 100% woman-owned survey firm. Capital Circle NW/SW is currently under construction.

Capital Cascades

Capital Cascades is another Blueprint 2000 project that 3DS had a hand in surveying. Part of Capital Cascades Park was constructed as a stormwater facility and designed to hold flood waters withing the park rather than flooding surroinding businesses or houses. 3DS had a hand in surveying portions of the park along with a couple of other Tallahassee survey firms. It is a place for families to come and enjoy the beautiful Tallahassee weather with walking trails, an ampitheatre, and a water park for the kids.