High definition laser scanning is used to obtain thousands of points with x,y and z coordinates in a matter of minutes. The data obtained with laser scanning can then be used to create 2-d drawings or 3-d models. Laser scanning is the perfect tool to keep crews out of roadways or for areas around complicated machinery where it is difficult to maneuver. Laser scanning shifts the work load from the field to the office where the models can be manipulated and transformed to any number of products. 3DS offers both land based high definition laser scanning and mobile scanning as well as processing of aerial lLiDAR data.


3DS can provide location services for all your GIS needs. Using the latest in real time kinematic global positioning satellites (RTK-GPS) 3DS is able to locate street signs, road ways, utilities, stormwater features, and many other elements for input into a GIS system.


3DS offers all of the traditional survey services. Generally surveyors are the first on site before any design or construction begins. 3DS provides:

  •             Boundary Surveying
  •             Topographic Surveying
  •             Route Surveying
  •             Design Surveys
  •             Construction Stake out


The whole of the services that 3Ds provides can be considered geospatial services. 3DS provides the location of land, boundary and objects on the surface of the land in an x, y, and z format in many different datums for client use. To that end 3DS utilizes a variety of tools including:

  • UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) FAA Exemption 14965
  • Total Stations
  • Laser Scanners
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Electronic levels
  • Standard GPS receivers
  • Backpack RTK GPS receivers with data collectors

All of 3DS’ projects are produced in the format that best suits the client and can be delivered either in hard copy or digitally. 3DS strives to maintain the best collection of hardware and software to meet the client’s needs.